• Annual fee per Head Office: R740 
  • Annual fee per Branch Office: R545 
  • Annual fee per Planner employed:  R445

 Please note that, when calculating the fees to be paid, the following guidelines are applicable:

  • The annual fee per Head Office is always payable (i.e. R740).
  • Where a member firm has more than one office, the first office must be identified as the "Head Office" (at R740) and all other offices as "Branch Offices" (at R545 per branch office).
  • The first Planner employed by a member firm is not taken into account for the calculation of annual fees. In other words, a one person practice, where only one Planner is employed, will only pay the standard fee in respect of a Head Office (i.e. R740).
  • Where two or more Planners are employed by any practice, the first Planner is discounted and the fee of R445 per Planner is then applied to all remaining planners in the employ of the member firm (principals and graduates included).